Relief Foods produces a high-value, long-lasting, easy solution to food storage. We offer preparation for life’s unforeseen events with your family in mind. Each of our products has been developed to provide relief to individuals and families during times of crisis. Our business and our products are founded upon the idea of being the value leader. To be a value leader we produce our products with equal attention to both quality and price.

Shelf Life – One must consider how to interpret shelf-life. 25 years is achieved only in optimal conditions. One of the most important considerations to shelf-life is how a product is packaged. We feel that a product that is individually packaged in heavy-duty, nitrogen-flushed, Mylar pouches, sealed in a bucket, and stored at optimal temperatures offers the best possibility of achieving the longest shelf-life.

Easy Preparation – Relief Foods offers a product line that only requires water to re-hydrate and eat. Only our breakfast pancakes require oil. Oil is left out of the pancakes in order to achieve the 25 year shelf-life of the entire product line.

Gourmet Taste – Some companies will advertise that they produce the best tasting product. Taste is great, but make sure you are sifting out advertising from product offering.

Celebrity Endorsements – Celebrity Endorsements cost money. While providing awareness for the product, this is an expense we feel does not benefit you or your family.